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Monday, July 10, 2006



LONDON TIMES : July 10, 2006

July 7 – 1 year after the London Blasts

This was an emotional day in London, I think for the UK in general. There was a 2 minutes observance of silence across the UK in remembrance of the waste of lives as a result of the bombing on London's transport network. It was broadcast on the BBC including a vigil in Reagent's Park.
We all observed the 2 minutes silence at work, including all the students, we all stood for the time. Staff shared their stories from where they lived, the loss of friends and family members. I have to tell you, I wanted to go into Reagent's Park for the ceremony but I wasn't feeling the most confident pour throwing myself down into the bowels of London.

A Walk Through My Neighbourhood
I have been doing a bit of walking of late, trying to find new and interesting places around the place I live. I have been going into the city a couple of times a week to see different sites and meet new people. It's a bit fun really!
There was a French market on High Street last Thursday and Friday, so it provided me with the perfect opportunity to speak French and tell the stall holders that they were charging far too much for the generic brands of foods. They were charging up to 5 times the French shelf value, making a killing


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