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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bus Trip 2: Auschwitz - Krakow, POLAND

Realising that I was charged for 2 tickets for the tour around the Auschwitz museums, I asked for my 26PLN returned and it was done so with a HUGE apology. The lady then told me where the bus left to go back to the train station to go to Krakow. Yes, I did ask, she didnt just volunteer to tell me! Anyone who knows me and my interpretation of maps - I am the one who has to turn the map upside down to face the direction I am going and then I still don't get it!
I pointed to the map with the bus stop indicated to a lady standing there. She nearly died of fright and asked her husband who spoke in perfect English. He took me on his bus with him and stood by me, telling me not to take the train because they are too slow and unsafe, "You must take the bus" "Tak, OK I said".
The lovely man kicked me off the bus at the 4th stop and told me to look at the timetable for the Krakow and suggested that a bus would be here at 16h20 - well a little bus did arrive at 16h20 but I thought it was too little, I thought it was a school bus. It was only when the same sized bus arrived at 16h45 I realised that the buses between here and there are just little! :) I hopped onto the bus just after the young, lovely, bus driver hopped off and took my bags and placed them in the 'boot', he took my 7PLN and I was seated next to a Polish army officer in his Khakis who looked all of 17 years of age. So finally, the man on the other bus was right, it was quicker and safer and nicer taking the bus than train. And so cheap.


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