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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Catch Up - London sunny, partial cloud - 28oC


So just a quick update - I am writing to you from the garden flat -- and in fact, not the flat itself - the outside table in my garden.  I am liking the studio living concept a little bit more each week --- but i think that it is only because it is summer and basically I can eat outside and enjoy the garden with Harry and friends who are coming over.
I really miss living with Ezio - the day to day banter and carry on but for the minute things are OK - it's all about being patient and seeing how things go. He is in a happy place reclaiming his freedom, I guess that is all that is important, isn't it.
Work is too hectic at the  moment and I have o be honest and say that I am very stressed with moderation, exam preparation - getting students to the stage where they can walk into their final exams, relaxed and confident is no mean feat.
I bought a mower last weekend and have been working my way through what seems to be a HUGE garden at the garden flat -- I have to get things more organised on this front. My fruit trees are doing OK -- thirsty buggers though. My herbs are in a very very happy place - they are loving the warm conditions - we are sitting on a lovely balmy 28oC today -- makes for a better disposition when the sun shines in London.
I am waiting patiently for the next 2 weeks to go by so that I can just relax for another week on half term - then we have 7 weeks left before the Summer holiday. I have booked my flights to Oz and a flight to Alice - but plans are still sketchy at the moment.

Enough rambling -- just a quick catch up because it's been too long since have written. Hope you are doing ok.


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