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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Mystery of Bus 406

According to my trusty pal, The Lonely Planet Guide,Poland, one can catch a bus from Wroclaw's main train station to the airport, a journey of approximately 20 minutes for 2.50 PLN about 60p or AU$1.30 which is not bad going.
According to the LPG, the bus stop is out the front of the station. There is a tram stop there but no Bus 406. To the side of the station, there are 4 bus stops where about 20 buses call at, but not the Bus 406. At the back of the train station there are 3 more bus stops where another 10 buses call at but no Bus 406. I was getting suspicious.
According to a lovely Polish couple, "Bus 406 is 200m further down there, past the station". I still had plenty of time, so I stopped to catch my breath and chat to this couple who have learned English from music charts and television. The bloke said that he spoke little English - he is fluent in my book in comparison to many people living in London - but nope after ending the conversation and searching for that bus stop; still no Bus 406.
According to Jordi logic, the bus station would have a bus to the airport - but no! According to the lady at the information booth who only spoke Polish but can flap her arms like an early model pioneer airplane, the Bus 406 does exist and its blah blah blah blah BUT she drew a map as she explained. IF you can remember mud maps from your Year 7 and 8 Geography, she would have been asked to resubmit in order to receive a pass grade.
According to her mud map, I could have been up the creek without a paddle not standing at a bus stop waiting for Bus 406. Finally giving up, I slothed my way to the taxi rank, I was driven to the airport for 70 PLN, 15kms, 10 minutes, £12, reasonable in the world of international taxis in other cities. All along the route to the airport, I kept my eyes peeled for a bus stop for the infamous Bus 406, according to my calculations, its a Polish conspiracy just to keep the tourists guessing and catching Taxis.
According to my eyes, when I arrived at the airport, the Bus 406 does exist or its an exhibit and what's more, its a new grand spanking new bus!! Well, I never!


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