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Friday, January 04, 2008

How I use my Treo: My Right Hand Pal

I was published on a site giving away a free macbook --- let's see if I will come through as a winner ... mind you everyone is published ;)


Sent to you by The Boy From Oz via Google Reader:


via PalmAddicts by sam mcloughln on 1/3/08

[From Jordi Major, Australia] Hi, My name is Jordi Major, I am an Australian 32 y/o secondary school teacher living and working in London, UK. I use my Palm Treo 650 everyday for various purposes. As a phone I am able to use it for SMS and normal phonecalls. I use the treo to hold my personal details as well as being able to take advantage of the office sharing facilities to keep student results at hand and whilst traveling. As an avid traveler I use the various functions such as world clock which can be set for the times in 'local' time zone - including the transfer of all flight and accommodation details which are transferred from my PC's digital calendar.

Entertainment wise, I listen to MP3 whilst playing my favourite games such as tetris. I use the many various programs available for the Palm which assist with organisation of my personal affairs. Having traveled through the world, I have been able to connect to the internet via the bluetooth feature as a remote modem for the computers I have been connected to. The use of GPRS has also assisted with locating local restaurants, hotels, supermarkets using googlemaps when in a foreign city or town.

With bluetooth handsfree and connecting GPS, my treo sits in front of me in the car everytime I travel. If it wasnt for my Treo I would have been lost many a time trying to navigate the streets of London and also would not have been able to navigate Eastern Europe as I have the installed TomTom maps as my navigator. Writing this passage has allowed me to focus on just how often and how much I use the Treo in my day to day life. It certainly has become a fantastic extension to my hand. It's also a great way to reduce the amount of 'paper' resources in the world. I now no longer need to carry MP3 player, nor diaries, nor workbooks and on the occasions where lighting has been correct - even the camera has come in handy when in situations that a photo needs to be shot. I have taken many a photo of furniture and building supplies in the process of renovations of my new apartment.


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