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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cultivating the herbs

So summer has come to London this week - the plants are loving it, the people are loving it. The weather people are all predicting opposing views; one camp saying we are in for a long hot summer, the other camp expressing a doubtful heat-wave and that the season will be as non-eventful as last year. All I can ask for is great weather up to and including July 21, when I fly out to Oz.

The photo on this page is just an example of one of my herb plants and how much it is loving the great weather - the plant is left with all its young tender leaves and in the bowl are the harvested leaves. Being a parent to a dog and a garden and inside pots and patio pots is hard work - trying organise and sychronise all their trimmings and waterings and feeding and bugwatch ---I think I have added more and more stress to my life. I was aiming for an edible garden, bit by bit, I am getting there.


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