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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Re-Creating Re-Inventing or is it just proving yourself worthy?

As many of you know, I am in the process of searching for another job, as my current one is terminating on Dec 22, this year. I am upset about that as I have to move, find work and I really rather like the school I am working in.
The whole process of proving yourself worthy for a position and having to sell yourself and sayhey I am the best thing to walk through your front gates is just tiresome and borning. I went for a job some 4 weeks ago now, and I was offered the positon and should be very happy, but I havent accepted as I feel like there should be something else out there. I think I am also hoping that my current place of employment will find something for me, but they best hurry because I have to accept the other position ASAP, like yesterday.
I have another interview on Wednesday, at this stage the possibility of 2, at rather good schools. So, who knows? This travel around the world for work thing is very very interesting but its frustrating when your qualifications or experience dotn quite match up here and there. If, for instance, I was accepted into a school in Britain to teach on a permanent post, they have the right to pay me less money because I am not British qualified, its a ploy to 'save posts for the Brits". The job I have been offered, she has stated it will be a permanent, ongoing post at the British Trained teaching scale, IF I am seen to be actively seeking the QTS (Qualified Teaching Status). In other words, I have to prove myself again and put into context my 10 years of teaching, teachign qualifications and the like. HOLY MOLEY. At least, once i have this piece of beaurocratic paper, it will be mine for life and not have to attain it again IF I leave Britain and come back in years to come.

End of complaint.



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