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Friday, December 29, 2006

Une Soirée sur Orléans

Wednesday night, thanks to MSN I was chatting with my lovely friend, Christelle, who lives in Orléans, the town where I used to live, work and study. We decided that we should really catch up for a meal and a chin wag. So at the drop of a hat, we did an email around of our friends and headed out on Friday night to Le Sahara Moroccan restaurant. I have been wanting a nice huge supply of delicious couscous since arriving back in France. This meal certainly satisfied my needs and wants and desires.
It's always fun to catch up with friends in France, well from over the world, but in France, its special because it always adds an extra element of remembering not to forget all of my French. To be able to improve is always nice too. I have noticed I start the evening off in a nervous fashion but my French is OK, after a few hours and glasses of wine later, my French goes into a fashion that I can only hope that people understand every 5th word.
This particular group of friends I worked with at Wall Street Institute before it closed down and we were all retrenched. So a conversation or even a sentence could start in English but end in French or vice versa. You get to a stage where you forget the word in English or a French word or expression is more expressive or to the point. Christelle had a friend with her who I think struggled a little with the way we jumped from English to French all the time. A great night out was had by all, I think, I believe.
On my way home to Malesherbes, I was thinking how ace it really is to live in Europe and how London is only 750kms from here, and to be able to drive to Orléans from Malesherbes takes no more time than from Melbourne to Geelong or London to Oxford. Its too much fun.

OK end of thoughts and sharing of events for the moment ... must start packing bags ready to get back to Paris for New Years Eve then London on Monday... For another bus trip.. OH MY GOD.

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