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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bye Bye Bokkie Baby 1993-2006


London Times Edition: November 30, 2006 

Bye Bye and Thanks Little Man 1993-2006 

Thursday marked a very sad day in our family when we bid farewell to our 13 year old Shih Tzu, Bokkie.  
He entered the household in 1993 and was destined to be part of our family, a little kooky, strange and special. We found an advertisement in the paper to buy a little black and white Shih Tzu puppy in a bird shop. Off we trundled and came home with this tiny bundle of  joy.
Naming a Shih Tzu is always a hard task, and it warrants the use of the traditional Chinese names for Shih Tzus book. We looked through the book, from cover to cover and nothing seemed appropriate. All our other Shih Tzus have had the right name, so it was only appropriate that the new edition to the family would partake in such tradition. Whilst visiting friends of the family in the following days, a chef friend suggested Bok Choy, Chinese cabbage and as we are into food in our family, that was the name adopted, a Shih Tzu puppy bought from a bird shop given the name of a traditional Chinese green leafy vegetable, why not?
In order for Bokkie not to attack Smudge, the black cat too often, Mum gave him Teddy, a gift from her friend, Tony. Teddy stayed with Bokkie through every event in his life. Its amazing that Teddy lasted the 13 years, the monthly washes and hanging up by the ear on a nice sunny day. Teddy was flung in the air in a joyous parade of pride, joy and frivolity when ever Bokkie wanted to show us he was happy and wanted to please up. Most dogs do balls, the Major dog, did the Teddy.
So attached to this teddy was he, that it was not uncommon to spend many a night entertaining ourselves by using Bokkie's tummy as a buffer for the parquet floors of the family room. Many a friend has called him rag or mop without a handle. Bless, little did they know that Teddy was Bokkie's handle and soul mate. 
How do you say thanks to little friend who knows so many of your secrets, more than any human knows? How do you say thanks for all the unconditional cuddles, the happiness and joy, the hours of love given. Thanks for keeping me company throughout all the 'all nighters' in Year 12. Thanks for being so excited to see me when I came home every night after school. Thanks for not forgetting me or stopping to love me or get excited when I left Melbourne and didn't return as often as I wanted to. Thanks for wanting to still sleep on my bed with me and still listen to me 12 years on. Thanks for being my sounding board for my move to Bendigo, Alice Springs and for listening to me about my adventures going to Europe.
Thanks Bokkie for giving me cuddles when I was sad, and knowing I needed someone next to me. Thanks for absorbing the hundreds of tears into your fur over the years. I can tell you, my little friend, the saddest moment of my leaving for Europe was knowing that I would not see you again, thanks for plodding up to the door to say bye bye to me for the last time, it's a little face that will never erase from my memory.  

     I sit here, in tears, as I did 2 days ago when Sheli told me of the horrid deed of taking you to the vets, for the final cuddles, the final moments with her, Mum and your Teddy. God speed baby boy. A little puppy who brought so much joy and happiness to family, who so often dissolved friction, who provided light entertainment and a comedy routine to lighten the mood. A little man to whom I remember pretending to be Alain Prost and racing from one end of the house to other, always trying to better the land speed records of a house circuit. The smallest yet loudest guard dog in the world who'd be the first to race to the balcony and warn other dogs playing in the adjacent park, that the whole 2 ovals and surrounding green areas were all part of your domain! It's a pity you never thought yourself as a dog though. Bless.  
    We won't recall the incidents of growling at anyone who didn't have an Australian accent, especially Hungarian old women or Malaysian friends Sheli. Nor shall we mention trying to attack Ziggy, the hugest dog in the world when you were only 8 weeks old. We couldn't possibly mention the day that you ate all the TimTams that Sheli stupidly left on the coffee table… she should have known better than all of us. Who in our family can resist a packet of TimTam chocolate biscuits? I don't know if we should really retell the stories of you putting the cat into his early grave? or at least the increase of white hairs on his once perfectly beautiful black shiny coat. You little devil!
     We can recall, however, how excited you used to be to go for drives with me in Randy and Sheli in her Honda, to see your world, your St Kilda Pier, to bark at people who dared cross your path or road. Talking of recalling how is it that the older you got, your memory never failed you? You still knew it was time to take medicine, albeit your muscles and body sore and tired you mustered the energy every morning and evening to avoid the medical roll call. How is it that you never failed to forget that your treats we kept in the cupboard and, I have to say, I loved your cunning plan to fake 'senility' just in order to be given more biscuits and treats from the larder. With that angelic expression, who could resist?
The banging at the door that incessant pawing at the glass window, what was that caper all about in anywise? Exercise? That constant barking, the several attempts every night to jump on beds and couches. How mean was it of Mum to buy a bed that was too high for you?
We know you appreciated everything we did for you, as the little lamb of the family the thousands in Vet bills, in new beds for you, in the latest fashion colours, and materials, a winter bed and summer bed, with out without your lambs wool. Your bed in the lounge room, your pouffé, your 2 beds in Mum's room, your outside bed, your various water and food bowls. The number of hand-me-down dressing gowns, it was a great excuse for Mum to buy new ones, and she thanks you secretly, really!
Well my little friend, I said lots to you in the days leading up to my departure 'en Europe', but I was very sad to find out that you did not get to hear the voice message I left you on Friday as you had already left the Earth. AND of course, I know you will be reading this blog, either over my shoulder now or it will go up the golden email ether link.
Thanks Bokkie, for everything, could we say it any better? Enjoy the other side, chasing cats, and eating all the TimTams barking at all the people you want to, no more tablet runs, no more coughs and no more wobbly feet. Love you.  Thank you. Will always miss you. PS We would never let anyone know that you used to get all the ends of the ice cream cones, or have your own bowl n stuff, K, Bokkie? K? That's just our little secret. J  

Love you long time munchkin. 


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