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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

£120,000,000 Seriously, what would you do?

That's the jackpot prize on Friday night in the Euromillions lotto draw, how rediculous is that? I remember when I got excited when Keno reached 1,000,000 in Oz. So since being in Europe I have bought 3 tickets in the lotto, this Friday is my third for any share of the jackpot would be lovely.
What would I do ? ... there are enough friends of mine struggling with mortgages etc so I would start off with that, of course Mum can stop working straight away, Id set up a pocket money scheme for her, as she set up for me as a student ... thought she could spend 100,000 each month quite nicely. Sister of course would be catered for in the same way, I'd give her enough money to buy the whole street she lives in so as she could extend her garden.
I think I'd have to set up an account where I'd have limitless flights and other means of transport. I'd have the pleasure in opening up Major Academies here and there across the world where high quality educative learning happened in a great supportive bilingual environment. So many things you could do ... so little time... money goes just so quickly these days.

What would you do?


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