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Sunday, November 12, 2006

When The Continents Come Together.

Last night, was a super evening indeed. I invited myself and some friends to another friends place for dinner. In fact the story unfolds like this ...
2 weeks ago I was speaking with the gorgeous Christelle with whom I once worked in Orleans. She happened to say she was excited that there was a get together of all the people we used to work with in 2 weeks time. I said I was upset that I wasn't invited. As it turned out, last night was the night, so I invited myself, Froggie and Sarah.
What do I love about living in Europe? It doesn't matter where in Europe you live, as long as you are near a functional airport you can travel with facility between the countries. I left London at 16h00 and arrived in Paris, CDG some 60 minutes later. Catching the train into Paris Gare du Nord and finally taking the local train down to Malesherbes. Arriving to be greeted by the most gorgeous dog in the world who was dumbfounded that his dad had returned.
A day spent on the couch, sleeping and napping and eating whilst cuddling Harry was a super cool say spent to be topped off with a magic evening with my friends from around the globe. In all we counted 13 around the table: 5 French of which 1 lived in London, another grew up in America, 2 Tanzanians, 1 Australian, 1 Irish, 2 English, 1 Portuguese/French, 1 Ukrainian. The menu eaten was a great representation of all continents present at the dinner table.
The conversation was amazing as it passed from French to English to French and then back to English. Everyone at the table can speak French and the majority of the table spoke English. It was so incredible to have a conversation where the first half of the sentence was French and finishing in English and vise versa. Can I say that I love living an 'international life' de sortes. It is absolutely amazing to have been in London not even 24 hours before, having spent a whole day in France and then meeting up with friends in Orleans as if it was no different to flying to Sydney from Melbourne for a dinner date ... somewhat lux I do admit but cool at the same time! Vivre L'Europe.


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