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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Accommodation Found

For all of you out there worrying, OK so Mum, I have found a place to live in Streatham, or for the snobs amoungst you, St. Reatham. Its in SW London, and the house is just 50m from Streatham Common so will be perfect for Harry here I think! the wonder Dingo. I will be sharing with 3 others in a nice Edwardian house. Seems nice and relaxed household.
I didn't want to leave North London but as I did not have the choice because of the work situation, however, I have now adjusted to the new position in life and will be happy so too will be Harry. What i like about it is that it is close enough to London, good leafy suburb, close enough to work and friends who live in the area, particularly Croydon, so its happy feet fun! I have more and more friends in the south of London but am now further away from my Western London friends ... will have to try and organise the social life better. One thing I am happy about is that I am about 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport all the better for overseas jaunts I say!
The house is huge, with a great size back yard and 2 cats to keep Harry entertained. Yay us.

Ciao then.


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