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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Film: Goodbye Bafana

What a hugely moving film with superb acting, albeit annoying South African accents, but you can't win them all. Joseph Fiennes plays a prison guard, Mr. Gregory, who was entrusted with Mandela throughout his near on 30 years of incarceration. He was first appointed because he could speak the same language as Mandela.
Its a very powerful movie as the story is unfolded by Mr. Gregory and his accounts with Mandela and the evolution leading to the new South Africa.

My rating? * * * * *

Thanks to Wikipaedia...

Goodbye Bafana is a 2007 drama film about the relationship between Nelson Mandela and James Gregory, one of his prison guards, based on the allegedly fraudulent book Goodbye Bafana: Nelson Mandela, My Prisoner, My Friend by James Gregory.

James Gregory is accused of lying and violating Mandela's privacy. Mandela's longtime friend, the late Anthony Sampson, claimed in his book that Gregory rarely spoke to Mandela, but censored the letters sent to him and used this information to fabricate a close relationship with Mandela. He also claims that other warders suspected Gregory of spying for the government and that Mandela considered suing Gregory.


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