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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Work in Progress (aka Recherche du Travail)

As most of you would be aware my introduction to my current school in SE London was far from complimentary by the inmates of the establishment, nor by fellow staff either. As a consequence, I applied for several jobs before leaving for Australia (seems such a distant memory now). There were 3 positions of responsibilities that I have applied for and low and behold, I have been successful in gaining an interview with all 3 schools:

These are in the order of being selected for interview.

School 1: Scotland
This is a Principal Teaching position in Food Technology / Catering / Home Economics. Career wise it is perfect for promotions and working my way back up to a position I was in, in Australia. It comes with a nice £10,000 pay rise from what I am currently earning in London. Being in a smaller country town means that life / rent should be cheaper that in London too, theoretically, I could buy a place to live.

School 2: Reigate, Surrey.
This is a House Master position working in a boarding college for kids who are mainly sponsored. Its an improving school and offers kids a good background for future endeavours and careers. As its a live in position, it would lend itself quite nicely to saving some money to buy that apartment in Paris I spied on the net yesterday. It has a nice sense of community about the school, I think there would be a handful of students who would provide themselves to being a handful, but if I can survive Kennels I can survive anything, right? Pay rise? A little but no rent for accommodation equates to close to £6,000 gained a year. A big deciding factor will be IF I can have Harry in the accommodation with me. Of course, no Harry = not continuing with application.

**update 23h26 - I have been shortlisted - 3 candidates for the role**

School 3: Blackheath, London.
This is a Subject co-ordinator position, for Food and Nutrition. The school, in fact, an Academy is located in the very nice, posh suburb of Blackheath, I believe however, that the clientele won't be the residents of the suburb but will be collected from the surrounding areas which have less than desirable pupils as so many inner London schools to have. However, its a brand new school, with a fairly seemingly dynamic leadership. It's a Catholic school and is being built and run around the Catholic faith and belief structure. This is a pay rise of about £5,000.

The process requires interviews, all next week; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I will be kept quite busy. I'll keep you posted.


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