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Thursday, March 01, 2007

An influential man or just time for changes?

You may have been following the adventures of this particular teacher as he goes from the comfort of NW London to the weird but interesting Southern London suburbs. I have been at this particular school since Jan 1 this year, so in effect 2 months. I am not entirely happy with the school and I have placed my CV into other schools just to test the water. I have applied to private schools as the state sector just isn't my thang.
When I arrived at the school, administration decided that it would be a great idea to operate A-Level Food Technology (A-Level is the final 2 years of school before university). The school decided to do this as I was joining their staff and my previous experience in Australia. I said to the school in my interview that the facilities needed to be upgraded as they were insufficient and suggested that this could be done as it is a "Technology School" from the allocated budgets. Initially the SMT indicated it would happen, however, after a couple of years. As it turns out during the 5 weeks of Summer holidays, the room will be made ready.
Having a girl trap her heel in the door at the entrance of the technology annex, where I work, the school decided to build a new step, without warning of this new step or taking measures to announce this new work. I tripped up the stairs on Monday morning as too did a number of other staff and students fell up and down. I wrote an email to all staff warning of this new step and the possible hazards with a note included for Admin that they should look at the step and possibly the doors in order to make it safer.
Arriving at work today, Thursday, the builders are out there extending the step and building a new support. Comments passed today that it was my email and my accident that triggered the chain of events to the new step being built.

Maybe I am just a menace. Just leaving my mark on a school, that's all.
Cheerio then.


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