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Thursday, February 08, 2007

London The Lame

So a whole 10cms of snow fell last night and predictions are for the snow fall to continue until around lunch time. Its very very pretty here in London. There is a certain softness that snow can bring to take off the roughness or the edge of an otherwise sometimes imposing city and suburbs.
My whinge today is about the whinging poms and their complaints about having a little snow on their roads and their inability to be able to cope with such a natural phenomenon. This is England, right, yeah? Where in the not so distant past, there would have been a good metre of snow dropped in the height of winter. Now, 10 centimetres is the best excuse for not going to work, driving at 15 kms an hour, for the trains to run to a halt or have 3 out of every 4 cancelled because of snow on the platforms. Yes, snow on the platforms!

The gritters were out last night in force at about 9pm up my street so obviously the task forces around the city were preparing the 'best' which is 'not good enough' they could for the dibbles of snow this morning. We had a practice run about 3 weeks ago where I was so annoyed with the way this "London White Wash" results in London grinding to a halt. Having such a great annoyance for the pathetic organisation in this country and every excuse under the sun, or snow cloud, I was part of the BBC news 'Your Views' that evening, expressing exactly what I have just written here.

Yes, I understand its a big city, lots of people, lots of traffic but please ... having knowledge of all of this, surely there would be more effective contingency plans? Holy Guacamole!

The photos are from this morning 07h15

Have a great day. I will!


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