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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just another Manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ...

Life is MANIC MANIC MANIC ... i have spun nearly all the girls around in a 4 week block, I have done an OK job, I think! There are a couple of girls who are just attitude city and could do with Mrs Poll talking to ... however, to be honest I think they would even tell you where to go! You know, to be honest, I don't blame them entirely for their behaviour, because, if you don't have a strong moral fibre weaved at home for you, how else do you learn what is really right n wrong ... if you are called a 'little cunt' by your Mum and Dad and you use an obtuse statement against a teacher, of course you are correct when you say 'I wasn't being rude to you sir' ... cos in effect she wasn't ... in her world!

How about this snow then hey? Hrmmm I was a very happy fella this morning waking up to a road of snow, a little Twingo snow covered and weaving and slipping my way from the Common to Beckenaham. You know the highlight of it all *? The excitement of the kids and their throwing of snowballs at each other out on the ovals before school ... the snowball fight over the fences between the boys and the girls school. They took photos of their snowmen and snuck me a look on their hidden mobile phones at break and at lunchtime ... such a nice 'experience'.

Finished a second 'all day practical' today ... another tomorrow ... the last on Monday, thank goodness .. I then have a PD at the Carlton Crest in London on Tuesday well thank you very much ... its for the A level Food Technology course/s .. I have just come home from a meeting with the architects about the new Food resource and
classroom being built over summer and also the extensions and renovations to the current rooms. It's happening in a big way at a high speed. I have just finished, today, my bid for a Food Technology specific assistant / technician so that will be interesting to see if the Head will support me in that or not...


I have just submitted the new Year 8 program, as they want to extend the FT to lower levels and we have just employed a .6 teacher... so in line with the new Gov initiatives of 'Cooking for Schools', I have just written and submitted a course of study for the year 8s ... draft but done all the same...I do really miss JFS and the nice family/friendly feel of the department of Technology. I am also very excited about all these other changes I am able to bring in here and beef up the programs.


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