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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 - WHAT A YEAR

How do I even start to try to summarise this year. 2006 has to be one of the busiest I have ever lived through ... How do you measure the year past the days, weeks and months?
  • Number of times its been Day #1 of a diet regime?
  • Number of hours spent in airport waiting rooms?
  • Number of hours spent on the internet speaking with friends worldwide?
  • Number of shows seen on the West End?
  • Number of students taught over the year?
  • Number of mistakes made when communicating in French?
  • Number of croissants, pain au chocolats, kilos of cheese eaten in France?
  • Number of hugs from Harry or infact, number of his hairs removed from clothes?
  • Number of friends who came to visit me in France throughout the year?
  • Number of Trains caughts?
  • Number of buses and coaches travelled on?
  • Number of times turbulance and sea levels have made me vomit?
  • Number of new friends I have made?

January 2006

Started in Barcelona - What a magic City :)
Started Working - Wall Street Institute, Orléans.
The gorgeous Alisha and Laura came to stay n visit.

February 2006
Sicily Italy - Pierpaolo and Silvia
Rome Italy - Uli and Mimmo

March 2006
30th - Finished at l'IUFM teachers college ... Just Wall Street and University.

April 2006
University Classes Finish 14th ...
30th Birthday Celebrations with friends from France, Australia and Beyond.
Kerryn, Diane, Bronny, Andrea, Jeanette, Peter, Dave and Sue arrive in Malesherbes.

May 2006
University Final Exams - DSF achieved YAYA :)

June 2006
Wall Street Institute Winds down its operations
Leave Orléans
Leave France
Move to London for a temporary post - Jewish School.

July 2006
Theatre: The Woman in Black
Theatre: Chicago
Leave London to return to France
Summer Holidays in France 6 weeks without Pay... OUCH

August 2006
Travels to Orléans
Travels to Normandy
Travels to Bretagne
Travels to Paris

September 2006
London again ... Living in Hatch End (NW)
Working again at The Jewish Free School.
Theatre: Wicked The Musical

October 2006
Movie: Superman the Movie
Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Travel: Rome
Travel: Poland

November 2006
Travel: France - Paris / Malesherbes / Orléans
Production: Avenue Q
Movie: The History Boys
Travel: Oxford - Visit Princess Samantha

December 2006
Travel: Italy - Bergamo
Travel: Germany - Dusseldorf
Movie: Happy Feet (Should I bother to mention it at all?)
Travel: France - Paris / Malesherbes /Orléans
Bye Bye: Bokkie my little pal.
New Years Eve: Paris - Eiffel Tower after a nice Seafood Restaurant.


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