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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pensive Thinking ... Thoughts of the Day

This is the first time that in the past 6 months that i have really stopped and not been running around and doing things. It is a dangerous time for me. In the past 6 months I have not stopped working, travelling on weekends, catching up with friends throughout the evenings, seeing shows, movies, dinners etc. The life I have been leading has been out of this world.
When I arrived in France this festive season, I basically slept non stop for 3 days, my body just wanted to sleep, sleep and sleep some more. At this stage, being in a small country town, Malesherbes, which is only 80kms from Paris, but 1 hours 30 minutes on the train which stops at 9pm, is quite isolating without a car. Its been good to try and work out whats doing in life and what the plans could be in 2007 in regards to life, work, accommodation travels and relationships.
2007 looks as if it is going to be a great year, IF I let it be. There is a new job, new house, new friends, new side of London... I have many anticipated visits from friends and family in 2007 so that will compliment well my return to Australia for a short visit and catch up, a reunion of friends back in France in March as well as continuing exploring the life in London and taking advantage of my close proximity to so many cool and groovy places in Europe and of course just finding time to relax and have some fun chilling out with friends and a great bottle of wine somewhere in Europe ... it would be nice in my own place... in London or Paris... let's see what 2007 has in hold for me?


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