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Friday, February 02, 2007

All hail pakistani corner shops in London!

All hail ... All hail ... MILO has arrived back into my life in more than so many ways ... how so? I am glad you asked!
I am currently writing this blog instead of my work presentation for parent information evening, next week because of the excitement of my discovery. I have to say, that my initial discoveries were 3 weeks ago, only to be reinforced twice more at 2 different locations. TODAY, however, to my absolute joy and love of life, I found Milo by the tinful; dried and ready made on the shelves of TESCO ... all hail the mighty supermarket chain. HAIL HAIL ...
I have purchased a tin, OF COURSE, and its made by Neslte, Kenya... Milo is international ... gotta love that... gotta love the spoon dipped in Milo now...that's how this story ends ... How do you eat your Milo?

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