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Sunday, January 28, 2007

He's Booked ... Australia here I come ...

Well you wouldn't believe me even if I tried to tell you ... BUT I originally booked my trip back to Australia back in December and it was at a ripe old price of £734, which in Australian terms is about AU$1800.00 which isnt too bad for a return trip ticket. Saying that, mind you, I have seen much much cheaper tickets.
I have had many many stories about Emirates being so good, so I booked with them, only to find out that my booking was not registered regardless of my confirmation email - I hadn't been charged either so thats not so bad. BUT when i discovered these events had unfolded, I continued on my hunt for another ticket, having a heart attack of prices being £1050 when I called the airlines and searched the sites. Finally, I found a flight for £882 and I bought it.
I will land in Melbourne on the 2nd April and fly out again on the 14th so a quick visit but will be good to see you again and see my Mum and Sister. I need to see all these new born pseudo nephews and nieces too ... so hurry up and pop them out!

**end transmission**


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