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Monday, January 29, 2007

Ah the gossip you hear ...

So you see, Bekky was going out with this guy, nice looking fella, treated her really well but she just knew that it wasn't going anywhere. Bekky and Aimee share a friend in common, apparently he is the cutest bloke in the world, in fact according to the girls, even me, Sir, would think he was well hot. "Would I just?" "He must be one good looking fella" I said.
Anyhow apparently he is so good looking that Bekky's boyfriend said that this good looking fella was hot in any person's eyes, guy or gal. So, he was dared to get it on with him. Alas, they got it on together, the two boys, the two cute boys, well dressed, well nice down hair, proper nice clothes and like.
Apparently, according to Aimee, the most gorgeous man in the world is happily bisexual at 16 years of age, but he is perhaps a little more gay than Bi. Bekky is OK with the fact that her ex boyfriend kissed her mutual male friend, as she said 'at least its not another girl, Sir'.

All this over the making of a simple butter cream to ice their cakes ... wow such an enlightening day.

Fare thee well then ...


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