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Saturday, February 24, 2007

£4.65 for a Coke ... Only in London.

Arriving at Waterloo at 14h05 there was enough time to head to buy something for lunch before scooting off to the theatre for a 14h30 show. I couldn't decide on anything to eat so I thought a little burger and coke from Burger King would suffice. Lining up at BK for the burger was enough and I should have know this was a bad idea from looking at the burger shoot seeing very few burgers there. I ordered a Whopper with cheese and a Coke ... nothing out of the ordinary. The Coke arrives with in about 30 seconds ... 2 minutes later, I am still waiting for my Burger, which I see others being made and snatched by other workers trying to fill their orders. Finally I just ask the guy for my money back for the burger, I will pay for the Coke, as I have been drinking it. He says that he can't open the register to refund my money, but he will with the next customer. He forgets but remembers just as he closes the drawer. It doesn't enter the skull of this pipsqueak to actually call a manager to get it organised. At this stage a good 10 minutes as passed and I am about to miss the start of the show, because of the walk involved and search for the theatre. GRUMPY Jordi, just leaves so £4.65 is the most I have ever paid for a Coke in my life.


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