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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Its a Snow Go for Snowdraphillics

How very sad it was today to be a teacher. I have break duty (yard duty) and it happened to fall today, being Snow Day for the kids of London. We had a staff briefing this morning where the Head informed us that the snow is HER snow and that the students didn't have permission to touch it.
The number of times per year that it actually snows in this city can be counted on one hand. How very very unfortunate for the kids who are in school today, were not allowed to have some fun in it. Where is the joy? Why has the fun of being a kid being taken away from them? SIMPLE fun, build a snowman, putting snow down someones back, throwing a snowball.
Looking out my classroom window is the boys school's sports fields. The boys were outside having a competition as to who could roll the biggest snowball ... if it hasn't melted I will go and take a photo. Where as next door at the Girls School, they weren't even allowed to walk through the snow.
On good days, I don't mind being grumpy with kids to 'guide' them away from a feral path and try to show them how life expects them to behave ... but life says, see snow, pick it up and throw it! Just don't eat yellow snow.
Cheerio then.
**** UPDATE **** 15h13
The girls and boys came out to play ... As soon as the bell range all the girls ran to the boys' playng field and they started their lovely snow fights and then their kissing ... BEURK adolescent hormones ... Good Luck to them!


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