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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Half Term Review ...

The girls have been very very tough over here, girls being girls i guess and working in an all girls environment can be tougher BUT saying that, I think it works in my favour to be a male teacher. they are less bitchy with me and never bad mouth off other male teachers but the female teachers get bagged to no end ... Of course, I don't know any other teachers on staff so they bad mouth all these teachers, not to me, but in their general conversation and when I finally meet the teacher "Ah yes, Ive heard the girls talking about you". Tough work as it is, and whilst not by ideal place of work, I guess it was me who chose the job, it was me who accepted the position. Albeit hard, there are some really positive changes that have come about over the past 6 weeks.
I am particularly excited about introducing the A Level Food Technology course. JFS could do with introducing it too, it has already given the girls a little extra confidence and push in seeing that their GCSE leads further afield. Must sign off as tonight it is Parent Information evening for 6th form ... strange to think myself a sixth form teacher again. Ah well, I will have ambitions, I will try to achieve them!
Have a great mid term.


At 3:23 am, Blogger Gary said...

Why weren't the girls allowed to play in the snow? How sad!

At 10:53 am, Blogger Major Adventures said...

Well, there my friend that is another blog entry all by itself ... The sourdid history of the Girls School... apparently 3 years ago there was a full on snow fight with eh whole school...


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