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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vietnam to Greece in a day :)

I've done well to catch up with lots of people from all paths of this wonderful thing called Life. I have met up with Primary school friends, High School friends, University friends, friends from my life at Overnewton, St Philip's, Alice Springs and Aquinas College, Ringwood. I think I have covered all bases quite well... Of course, there has not been the time to see everyone but I thank everyone who has been able to squeeze in and fit in to a time and place to see me ... it means a lot to me. :)
It's Wednesday night and I have just spent the afternoon with Bronny to see Miss Saigon at Her Majesty's Theatre. Caught up with Ingrid Walton for lunch before the show. Had an afternoon stroll through the city with Emily J then continued onto a great Dinner at Stalatites Greek restaurant with Emily K and Sherrin aka Berryl. Great day ... bed time ... very tired.
It's super to catch up with friends and I have an even great appreciation of my friends who have gone out of their way to see me ... thank you :) It's very nice to be loved, I have to say. Maybe I could postpone going back to London for a term or so? :)

Cheerio then.


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