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Sunday, June 17, 2007

It sucks to be me ...

SO thinking that life is fine and dandy, I left work early on Friday afternoon to arrive home to a happy puppy, thinking that I could slip in a nanna nap before Froggie arrived from France, I placed mu huge tub of corrections down on the bench only to think that there wasn't any space there this morning. Somebody had cleaned my room. However, they knocked my fan over on what should have been my laptop. I noticed that my books were as neat as I left them that morning and some where leaning because a box of nice electrical items had been moved too, including 2 iPODs.
That gut wrenching feeling when you know things just aren't right ... We had been robbed. In fact, mainly I had been robbed because there is only me and Linda in the house at the moment. She had her laptop stolen and some jewelery, I had everything technical stolen so I am back to 'Simple Jordi' life.
The police came around and point of entry was determined as the top level bedroom window. They had climbed the water drains and entered via the open window. Bastards. No insurance means that I have less to hve to pack up when moving to the new house. This is the 3rd bad thing since moving to South London, so I hope it will be all. (Robbed, car window smashed, car towed).
Thank goodness my Harry was safe n sound and unhurt albeit very clingy for cuddles, he seems not to be distressed by the events.


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