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Friday, May 18, 2007

McInterview ... Friday in Scotland

4 am and the alarm awakens the slightly over tired Jordi from his slumber after retiring at 1h30am. Trying to wake up and make sense of the world, I ventured shower bound, towelled off, dressed and then wearily drove to Gatwick to drop my car at the car park at 5h13 to then check in for a 6h30 flight to Edinburgh ... Easyjet £90 return for the weekend ... not a bad deal.Sitting on the plane waiting for take off, this more than camp trolly dolly, was doing the safety demonstration in the most entertaining way I have ever witnessed. I tried to listen carefully to hear whether or not there was any disco music playing but alas, no not even a hint of the sound of music or Paula Abdoul. He danced and pranced his way through the safety procedures.
Arriving at 7h40 in Edinburgh, I ventured to the car hire desk where I had booked a car for the weekend; £71.00 including taxes, only to be told that I didn't have a reservation, the salesperson suggesting that I may not have finalised the booking section of the web page. BUGGER ... what was worse was that there were no other cars to hire, all had been rented. I went from counter to counter to finally book a car for £151.00 only over double the price! Grrrrr.
A beautiful drive down the ever so picturesque A7 takes you from Edinburgh down and through the town of Hawick where I was interviewing for the post of Principal Teacher of Home Economics in a lovely school with some great staff ... I did not succeed in attaining this post as there was an internal applicant for the post, but it was a great motivating fact to see Scotland. The school is set in wonderful building from the 18th century with classrooms so generous in size and light ... if only schools could be built in this fashion this day and age.
A lovely drive back to Edinburgh to pick up Ezio who had decided that spending his birthday in Edinburgh was an interesting concept. Dinner was sensational in a great steak and seafood restaurant, Mussel and Steak, in the Grassmarkets area, where we feasted on fresh Scottish seafood platters, drank poor Scottish lager and feasted on a trio of desserts which had 4 selections... go figure. We were served by a Brisbane gal who took a real shine to serving us. Friday's opinion of Scotland ... what a place! Edinburgh is sensationally beautiful even though the winds were 10000kms an hour and rain pelted down like sprayed bullets.
When in Edinburgh Jordi chooses to stay at The Hariott Park B&B with B&B host: Wilma. (don't tell Harry though) £70 per night on bus numbers 21,23 and 14 from central Edinburgh and free parking opposite B&B.
Post script: Sorry to Steph for not catching up for a drink ... next time, I promise!

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