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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mamma Mia - How much fun did we have?

OK so there are some great movies that I have seen and enjoyed and laughed out loud through, cried in and of course tapped my toe to the score; basically been very excited to see and to watch over and over again. Coming to my immediate memory would be Moulin Rouge and Enchanted - just good fun.
Then, on a lowly London night, Orange Wednesdays gave Ezio and I the opportunity to go and see the spectacle Mamma Mia at Grant's in Croydon. What a show, what a movie. I haven't read any reviews or heard or seen any interviews about this show - but that cast must have had so much fun making the film as it was all involving and absorbing as a spectator. It gave the feeling that we, the audience were really there, with the characters.
Very rarely in British cinemas would people speak or converse throughout a movie or jeer or laughed totally out loud. In tonight's showing of this movie, the audience hummed, toe tapped, jigged and jostled, they clapped, they sang, they laughed with so much vigor and enthusiasm. At the end of the film, the audience cheered and clapped and many were seen dancing out of the cinema dancing.
It's a film to see with your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your Mum and your grandma -- what a hoot - and ow much fun that it turned my frown upside down and a smile cracked my face. Go and see it.


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