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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let the Unwinding Begin ... PLEASE

Today is Day 2 en France, will be night 3.
It is great to be away from Streatham and the evils that lay within. Harry and I arrived in Malesherbes on Tuesday evening about 22H30 so a nice 6 and 3/4 hour drive including a great ferry crossing (just queazy for a little minute).
Harry was still very stressed from the burgulary and the packing process (again), however, he soon settled down when in his sancturary of the car on his new stripy doona cover that he paid 89p for on e-bay for his uncle Ezio. I hope that he was not hurt in anyway by the burglars, but he has been a lot less relaxed than normal. Froggie took him for a huge run in the fields last night and he came back a very playful puppy and is calmer this morning, so that's a great thing.
I, on the other hand have a million things going around my head at the one time. The biggest of them all is being burgled and trying to figure out who knows all the goings on in the house and what equipment is where and who bought new stuff. I am totally annoyed that I have had to buy new things and of poorer quality because I have needed them and dont have the money to replace them. I am totally pissed off with the fact that I bought a new camera the day before being burgled and BINGO it's gone. It had 3 photos on it.
I bought an MP3 player for next to nix on ebay and for general random music and FM radio etc it's terrific but for trying to organise all my Italian MP3 files, it's a nightmare. I miss my I-pods so much and the facility in which they can be used.
My life sucks at the moment but I will get over it in time. I have been thinking of all the crap things that have happened to me and they seem to be clouding all the positive aspects, which I love being in London for. Ezio coined it perfectly the other night "Jordi has a love hate relationship with London" Unfortunately, there seems to be a little too much hate in this period. I certainly hope that from September life will improve to no end.
Off to Carrefour now, my treasure trove - going to check out digital cameras AGAIN. At least I am in the confort of knowing that my travel insurance will kick in if it gets stolen AGAIN. Ohh I will add photos of my forehead which I cut in the moving out of streatham process. ... so watch for the update.
Ciao, Salut, bye bye.


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