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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Holidays Approaching Not Fast Enough

So here I am sitting in a 'free' period thinking that I want to be on holidays. You get to the stage in your life where you want to pack up everything and just run.
This time next week there will only be one day left before the 6 week holiday period will begin. I am heading to France for two weeks to drop Harry off for his holiday in France and Portugal. He will be staying and being chauffeured around by Froggie. I was having a chat with Ezio about Harry and we have decided that he is the luckiest, most spoilt dog in the universe with his travels and experiences. Harry is already excited about his trip because he knows how often he will be walked and he can play with the local dogs and have a ball of a time.
After France and having my car air conditioning fixed and new tyres on the front and passing the Controle Technique, I will head back to London on the 2nd August for a night or so to then catch my plane on the Saturday afternoon to Lecce, Italy. It is in the heel of Italy. I have booked myself into a 4 week intensive Italian course which includes a 7 day a week program for 4 weeks for cultural and language experience. There is a placement test on the first day ... I already know that I am in the absolute beginner's class but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, was it?
So ... there is the plan for the summer holidays. Before then I have to pack everything up from the house I am staying in and try to find alternative accommodation when i come back to London. I cannot justify paying £600 for a room that I am not using over the summer holidays and when I know that the money will be sufficient to pay for all that I need when I am in Italy.
OK - until the next installment ... Ciao !!


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