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Saturday, July 21, 2007

It sucks to be me - Take II

So the story starts with the not so sucky part in life and that was a great day out to Cadbury World for a nice day of professional development. For those not in the know about the huge salmonella outbreak in Britain last year with Cadbury's ... they were only fined £1 million, however the cost to the company was to their hit pocket the tune of about £70 million after they withdrew all the choccies off the shelf and implemented another, more rigorous HACCP plan. After eating too much chocolate and buying even more ... I headed back home where the horror started...

OK so horror could be a little dramatic, however, I arrived home and there was no Harry to be found, normally, he would be at the front door or on the stairwell to greet me. I looked outside to see if he had been put outside by the housemates but no. So I went up stairs to my bedroom and found that there was a CD case for my 'Learn Italian in a Day' on the landing, which was a little bizarre. To then see my bedroom door closed, upon opening it, my room was in a bigger mess that it was when I left it at 5am. Harry on the bed very very nervous and very happy to see me but freaked out.
We had been robbed again, some 4 weeks after the first time. They took the work laptop and my PDA and some money. they stole various other items from the other housemates. I have had enough of trying to cope with the life in south London, it kinda sucks at the moment.
I was supposed to go into work on Friday for the last day of the academic year, however, with my things being strewn across my room and a very stressed out Harry, police to contact and the life, I took the day off.
There is less stuff to have to carry and store now whilst I am overseas but there is more stuff that i have to buy now too. :( ... ahh it sucks to be me.
I seriously need to buy my own place or at least rent my own studio or the like when i get back into London after the holidays.

Bye bye


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