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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Trip The Adventures The Angst The OMG's.

Ezio, ensuring that I left London and that he could reclaim a little more of his house, walked me up to the bus stop where I waited for the X26 (I think) limited stop bus from Croydon to Heathrow Airport, 1 hour 27 minutes later, I arrived at terminal 2, looked at the line of people at the queue and thought ohh here we go ... I then noticed an automatic check in desk ... so i preceded to check in to Rome ... thinking I would then check in Rome for Brindisi. I progressed to check in my luggage with a most lovely check in lady. She told me i was wrong for checking into Rome and she checked me in all the way through to Brindisi (without the queues) she then told me that the luggage allowance was 20kgs and that my 24.2kgs was too much. Then she wished me a pleasant journey and time in Italy after informing me that she has booked me into the larger seats in front of the emergency exit so as I coudl ahve more room for the flight. I like her, I do.

Arriving in Roma, I had to make my frist italian phone call ... and I have to say that I understood myself perfectly :) The message got through ti Marika but there must have been something wrong with the translation device on my treo 650 because all I could hear was Italian on the other end and I dont speak or hear Italian in an intelligable way. On the plane again for a little packet of crackers and a glass of coke, we arrived at Brindisi airport at 18h25, on time.

Finally arriving in Lecce after a 40 minute bus ride, private hire thingy, to be dropped off in the middle of via Angelo with no number as the univeristy hadnt gtiven me the number nor given it to the bus driver (as they should have). Luckily I had been given the cell number of the guy who is incharge of the apartments and 30 minutes later he arrived to let me in with my co-loc, Palmer, from Philidelphia, living in Milan studying in Swizerland.

The Apartment is nice and big, roomy and spacey ... its a little warm on the inside but great breeze coming through last night ... top of 23oC when I arrived last night. There is a spare bedn my room and a comfy couch/sofa so Jordiland is shaping up well and proudly thrown clothes and books everywhere.

A good phone call from London put me into slightly higher spirits and confirmed that I am an idiot for going on Major Adventures but perhaps, just perhaps, I will gain more from another Out of Comfort Zone experience.

A presto!


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