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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Emmanuel Moire

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Emmanuel Moire "La Ou Je Pars"

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The London Dungeon

A lovely day in London town saw me waiting in line from 1:10pm until 1:30 waiting to buy tickets and waiting for Heather to arrive for a hopefully entertaining afternoon at the London Dungeon. Finally, thanks the the ever reliable London Transport, Heather rocked up at 2pm after having to catch buses on a replacement service for the Underground. So a £15.95 entrance fee, initially I thought was a little expensive, however, upon reflection, it was an entertaining hour and half on a Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

£120,000,000 Seriously, what would you do?

That's the jackpot prize on Friday night in the Euromillions lotto draw, how rediculous is that? I remember when I got excited when Keno reached 1,000,000 in Oz. So since being in Europe I have bought 3 tickets in the lotto, this Friday is my third for any share of the jackpot would be lovely.
What would I do ? ... there are enough friends of mine struggling with mortgages etc so I would start off with that, of course Mum can stop working straight away, Id set up a pocket money scheme for her, as she set up for me as a student ... thought she could spend 100,000 each month quite nicely. Sister of course would be catered for in the same way, I'd give her enough money to buy the whole street she lives in so as she could extend her garden.
I think I'd have to set up an account where I'd have limitless flights and other means of transport. I'd have the pleasure in opening up Major Academies here and there across the world where high quality educative learning happened in a great supportive bilingual environment. So many things you could do ... so little time... money goes just so quickly these days.

What would you do?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

When The Continents Come Together.

Last night, was a super evening indeed. I invited myself and some friends to another friends place for dinner. In fact the story unfolds like this ...
2 weeks ago I was speaking with the gorgeous Christelle with whom I once worked in Orleans. She happened to say she was excited that there was a get together of all the people we used to work with in 2 weeks time. I said I was upset that I wasn't invited. As it turned out, last night was the night, so I invited myself, Froggie and Sarah.
What do I love about living in Europe? It doesn't matter where in Europe you live, as long as you are near a functional airport you can travel with facility between the countries. I left London at 16h00 and arrived in Paris, CDG some 60 minutes later. Catching the train into Paris Gare du Nord and finally taking the local train down to Malesherbes. Arriving to be greeted by the most gorgeous dog in the world who was dumbfounded that his dad had returned.
A day spent on the couch, sleeping and napping and eating whilst cuddling Harry was a super cool say spent to be topped off with a magic evening with my friends from around the globe. In all we counted 13 around the table: 5 French of which 1 lived in London, another grew up in America, 2 Tanzanians, 1 Australian, 1 Irish, 2 English, 1 Portuguese/French, 1 Ukrainian. The menu eaten was a great representation of all continents present at the dinner table.
The conversation was amazing as it passed from French to English to French and then back to English. Everyone at the table can speak French and the majority of the table spoke English. It was so incredible to have a conversation where the first half of the sentence was French and finishing in English and vise versa. Can I say that I love living an 'international life' de sortes. It is absolutely amazing to have been in London not even 24 hours before, having spent a whole day in France and then meeting up with friends in Orleans as if it was no different to flying to Sydney from Melbourne for a dinner date ... somewhat lux I do admit but cool at the same time! Vivre L'Europe.

Friday, November 10, 2006

What Makes a Funny Face?

There was a report on BBC 4 on Friday which outlined the features of a funny face:
  • Rounded Face
  • Bigger Lips
  • Big Eye

Why is one comedian funnier than another? It may not be because the jokes are better, but due to the comic's looks. A scientific study has found that a particular face is more likely to raise laughs - one that's round, with big lips and eyes.Benny Hill was famous for being chased across the stage by women, but it may also have been his feminine features which made us laugh and according to the same theory Paul Merton's rounded features help his dead-pan delivery while Lee Evans brand of physical comedy is enhanced by a small forehead.

A montage of hilarious featuresScientists have used computer software to come up with what they say is the perfect comedy face. The University of Stirling team blended together 179 different facial aspects of 20 top comedians. They said soft and feminine features, typified by Ricky Gervais, were more likely to make people laugh. The researchers also concluded that Conservative leader David Cameron, unlike Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, has features prone to make people laugh. However, they said it was questionable whether a funny face was an electoral asset. Researcher Dr Anthony Little, a psychologist, whose work was commissioned by Jongleurs comedy clubs, showed faces with a range of different features to volunteers, and asked them to rate how funny they thought the person was.

He said: "The features most likely to mark male comedians out for success are predominantly soft and feminine.

Cameron: Game for a laugh?
"The face is a strong indication of character, and today's study appears to explain why comedians of a certain appearance would have been drawn to their career.
"The characteristics of a feminine face imply that the person may be agreeable and co-operative, which can be causal in our first impressions of comedians as being friendly and funny."
Dr Little said Mr Cameron's round and wide facial shape, large eyes and soft features meant he had the right natural physical attributes for comedy.

There is a news report you can watch, I dont know how long it will stay on the website for but this is the link: HERE.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The History Boys *****

What a super movie, and how much did I laugh. Perhaps my background, mylifestyle, my career all helped me to really enjoy this flick.

Plot Summary: "The History Boys" tells the story of an unruly class of bright, funny history students in pursuit of an undergraduate place at Oxford or Cambridge. Bounced between their maverick English master (Richard Griffiths), a young and shrewd teacher hired to up their test scores (Stephen Campbell Moore), a grossly out-numbered history teacher (Frances de la Tour), and a headmaster obsessed with results (Clive Merrison), the boys attempt to sift through it all to pass the daunting university admissions process. Their journey becomes as much about how education works, as it is about where education leads.

There is one whole scene which is in French, no subtitles which nearly made me wet my pants. I am very much tempted to go and see the stage production of The History Boys which opens in London, again, on the 21st December. It would be very interesting and powerful as a theatre production I believe.

There is the full short of the film here.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Always searching for the greener grass

That is what I find myself always doing, always looking else where, looking for something 'better'. Today I took my first step at a little maturity and hope that I have done the right thing.
I had, yet another job interview, which went to plan, of sorts, and finally was offered the position. I had a great feeling for the kids and the Head Teacher and other teachers but I was thinking that Miss Organisation, Head of Technology and I wouldnt quite be the team we should have been. She was a little put out when I wanted to teach a GCSE Foot Technology class, which would mean she would give one up. The Head Teacher indicated that this would be the case, and the HOD was not impressed. Best not go down that road.
The job I have taken? Thanks for asking. It is the original job that I went for some 2 months ago now, finally, I rang the Head Teacher and spoke with her this afternoon. Its a nice small department, a decent wage, as she has placed me on the British scale of teachers, not on the Overseas trained. I asked for a lap top and for an interactive white board to be installed in the classroom, both of which she said yes to without hesitation. So the contract arrives tomorrow for me and my new job starting January 1, 2007.

Pensée du jour

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Top weather of late in London and surrounds

Albeit very cold of mornings, cars totally frosted and frozen, it is nothing compared to France at the same time last year, when the first snows fell! The following are just a couple of photos from down south of England, East Sussex inbetween Brighton and Eastbourne. There is a photo also of tonight's sunset, NW London, Pinner.

Ciao then.

PINNER, NW London, UK.

PINNER, NW London, UK.

Re-Creating Re-Inventing or is it just proving yourself worthy?

As many of you know, I am in the process of searching for another job, as my current one is terminating on Dec 22, this year. I am upset about that as I have to move, find work and I really rather like the school I am working in.
The whole process of proving yourself worthy for a position and having to sell yourself and sayhey I am the best thing to walk through your front gates is just tiresome and borning. I went for a job some 4 weeks ago now, and I was offered the positon and should be very happy, but I havent accepted as I feel like there should be something else out there. I think I am also hoping that my current place of employment will find something for me, but they best hurry because I have to accept the other position ASAP, like yesterday.
I have another interview on Wednesday, at this stage the possibility of 2, at rather good schools. So, who knows? This travel around the world for work thing is very very interesting but its frustrating when your qualifications or experience dotn quite match up here and there. If, for instance, I was accepted into a school in Britain to teach on a permanent post, they have the right to pay me less money because I am not British qualified, its a ploy to 'save posts for the Brits". The job I have been offered, she has stated it will be a permanent, ongoing post at the British Trained teaching scale, IF I am seen to be actively seeking the QTS (Qualified Teaching Status). In other words, I have to prove myself again and put into context my 10 years of teaching, teachign qualifications and the like. HOLY MOLEY. At least, once i have this piece of beaurocratic paper, it will be mine for life and not have to attain it again IF I leave Britain and come back in years to come.

End of complaint.


Friday, November 03, 2006


Friday night is Euro Lotto night and tonight's draw is just a little exciting for the whole of Europe ... £88 Million ... that equates to about $US 160 million or $AU 210 million. What a crazy amount of money... and GUESS what ... I didn't win. So sad was I. I have not bought a lottery ticket since the last one, but no win, with the £6, I could have spent elsewhere, but you have to be in it to win it as Nanna B used to say.