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Monday, August 06, 2007

Lecce - Florence of the South?

So Palmer, new flatmate for the next month suggested we go out to grab something for dinner, sounded like a great idea to me. So off into the centre of town we headed and explored the inner beatings of Lecce and her old town centre. The apartment is about a 10 minute walk right into the centre.
First I was suprised with the 9pm traffic goign through this city of 97,000 people but i was even more suprised when we finially made it into the centre of tiwn and the hoards and hoards of people ... as usual, I found myself like a salmon trying to swim upstream agains the current. The last time I walked in such a crowd of people I think was in Barcelona New Years Eve, 2005 or perhaps even Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne on Christmas Eve Eve for their 24 hours shopping extravaganza.
First observation was that there are a lot of people out and about on a Sunday night, shops still open, food available ... a great start. Second observation: that the men in this town wear a hell of a lot of pink and in everyshade possible from the light pink lacrosse style to a deep burnt pink ... an interesting observation I know ... but one all the same.
The architecture is worthy of its own entry and I will do that soon enough ... well as soon as I work out the new camera situation and how to down load the images on to the university computers (which are still Windows 98 and as slow as a dinosaur)
Dinner was at a truck diner kind of thing ... it was a huge grill and I was impressed with the number of people but then I was improessed with the fact that I think it was the slowest fast food that I have ever ordered then eaten. It was a great kebab style sandwich that I ate with a good can of coke, however, i was number 41 and they called out number 18 when I first ordered and alas 35 minutes later, 41 was called. I took my Kebab back to the flat and munched it, showered it and then bedded it for a very balmy night that i dont think hit below 17oC. Its been a while since I have had to have a bedroom all to myself ... so Dolores and I counted sheep for a while then drifted off to sleep whilst I could hear myself snoring. . .


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