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Monday, August 06, 2007

It's All Greek To Me ...

OK so at 31 years of age I thought I was young enough and still able to do that OUT OF COMFORT ZONE thing ... I think I am totally wrong. It seems like another age ago when I was in Noumea learning French for the first time and trying to swim and not sink.
The journey started several months ago if not years ago when I decided that Id like to learn Italian, well build on the 7 years of Australian school Italian that I possed (which let me tell you knowing numbers is important but Fuffie the dog didnt teach me how to order a croissant and coffee for my breakfst did he? No! Bad Puppy!
After being back in Australia for Easter, I decided that I wanted to explore a little more of Europe for the Summer holidays, so ... I thought in a perfect Majoradventures style, throw myself into the thick of things and learn a little language and culture and go to school in my school holidays (CRAZY I agree). Its early in the hours of my first day at school and I am here saying things will be OK ... I have only found myself in the foetal position 3 times including rocking myself to sleep last night. :)
It will be OK It will be OK It will be OK.... MAMA HELP ME ... Please.
My gorgeous new friend, Patrizia, cousin to Ezio, has said that her family may adopt me if life becomes to hard ... so I am thinking I am putting myself up for adoption by about lunchtime today. Ohhh dear that whole out of my comfort zone thing ... why I do these things to myself, I never know ... I cant even think in English let alone trying to comprehend Italian as all myanswers and questions come out in French ... its all Greek to me!


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