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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Otranto - The South Eastern Extremity of Italia

So the morning after the night of the day before I went for a great walk through Lecce and discovered a little of the newer part of town outside the walled city. I still haven't been able to find a reasonably priced desk fan but none the less I have found a couple of more reasonably sized supermarkets.
After a cornetto and cappuccino I went in hunt of the call centre near the university so as I could call home and check how ma is doing with her newly operated foot - wheelchair co ordination. I couldnt find one and the guy in the Tabacchi was a little too grumpy to deal with an Australian who had never learned the phrase to ask for telephone card to buy.
Coming home, washing out, lunch eaten I headed back to the university to catch the bus to Otranto, the most south easterly point of Italy (we are talking the heel of the boot here). What a magic day to be there and the town itself is so interesting with so many little churches and a cathedral that has the skeletal remains of 800 people who were killed in Otranto by the Turks because they wouldn't convert to Islam. This happened in the 1400's. Hopefully the picture will show up. In the basement of the cathedral are 73 columns all different but apparently you are unable to count them and end up with the same number each time ... strange hey!
OK so Sunday is going to be a day of revision of the Italian I didn't understand from last week and also to find the out the phrase for asking for a telephone card.
Ciao a tutti.


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