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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So, It's all about routine: Surviving Day 2

Find yourself a pattern in life and turn it into a set routine to establish an easier flow for you. Find the local supermarket and some friendly green grocers, try to speak a little more Italian everyday and SMILE :) That's my advice for Day 2 in Lecce.
Yesterday I went to a bar for a morning coffee and cornetto (custard filled croissant of sorts) and I liked the man, he was friendly and forgiving of my Italian. So I have decided I need to visit him every morning for un caffè. I also found the green grocers yesterday who were very friendly so I went this morning to buy my daily fruit rations. Both the man in the café and the lady in the green grocers recognised me so too does the lady in the supermarket (after 3 visits yesterday and once this morning) now so I get a warm smile hello.
Leave home about 40 minutes before classes begin, you know the walk takes 10 minutes so it gives you 30 minutes to have a coffee, eat a pear, scoff some grapes and improve your stock standard survival Italian. Arrive at school 10 minutes before classes begin so as you can debrief the last evening's events and activities then find room, settle yourself in and learn some Italian.
Always tell the teacher that you can speak French and English and when you have a facial expression not too dissimilar to a constipated cow, they will try in English first and then if that didn't work they will try in French. I think this would have been very very hard if i hadnt had the experience of learning another language before hand ...
Check your phone at break time to read the encouraging SMS sent to you from the beautiful person you last said goodnight to the evening before. It makes your journey so much more pleasant and provides extra motivation for doing well.
OK Off to conversation lab.



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