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Monday, August 13, 2007

There has to be a shopping centre somewhere ...

Every second person says that there is a shopping centre somewhere close by so as I can find a place to buy a desktop fan that isn't expensive. Today, after uni, I went on a hunt after being giving instructions by my lecturers ... this is possibly the most unflattering photo of me in the world but it reflects how I felt after 3 hours of walking on highways and under bridges through truck stops and over cemetery walls. Just to let you into a secret ... the public transport system is great for the centre of town, but it's so small you don't really need it. If a family has 4 people in it, however, there are 4 cars so as to say the necessity for a better transport infrastructure is a little on the questionable side ... also there aren't too many tourists here to warrant a better system. Enjoy the laugh ... I'll just keep crying.


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