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Sunday, August 26, 2007

caffè freddo on the rocks

It would be super cool to be able to share this with you right now. I am sipping on a hot espresso which is served on ice so a nice true iced coffee. In front of me is a beautiful port which is protected by rocky outcrops, perfect blue waters just deep enough for the locals to jump from the rocks and have a good paddle. It's been rather on the warm side, the last couple of days ... 42oC on Thursday, 37 yesterday and when I caught the bus here this morning it was already a balmy 29oC. The prospect of returning to London is far from ideal but I am trying to stay focussed on enjoying the next 6 days that remain in Italy.
Its a very festive time in Lecce this weekend. They are celebrating their patron saint. more about that later and after tonight and my anticipated happy snapping bonanza with the gorgeous Ezio and Clare. Ok time to find another bus for the next caffè freddo ... ciao belli.


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