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Monday, August 27, 2007

Green Polyester Tears - The Love of Joy

Have you ever found yourself on a park bench waiting 2.5 hours for a bus? Then you find yourself blubbering for no reasonable reason? You try and reason with yourself as the lady with the polyester green dress walking her silky terrier looks at you in a nice Mum way and an expression to say that she hopes things are OK. You sit on that park bench determined to continue feeling sorry for yourself when you realise that you are crying because you are in fact in a crazy mucked up reason, happy.
How many people cry because they love? How many people sit on a park bench crying because they are so in love with a person that compliments their life in what seems to be in every way? This person you can confide in, try, say and do the craziest, zaniest things and equally be the happiest person to be grumpy with and have a sook with?
It's ok to be totally happy with someone that as soon as you hug them, for the duration of that hug, nothing evil, bad or stressful exists. In fact you seem to melt into the one person and for a stolen moment you are one. How you can read that person and feel their emotions. Sometimes hand tied and can't do anything but watch and wait. Other times just grab them and hold them, squeeze them and tell them how much you care.The tears are for the person you have surrended your fears for. The person who makes you appreciate you for who you are and accepts all the faults and celebrates your more endearing features and charactertics.
The tears are for the person who does so much to show the care and love and demonstrates that changes can happen and that you keep growing and experiencing life together. It's not an easy journey, is it? No. It's another one of my journeys which has changed my perspective and opinion, attitude and behaviour on so many levels all on a positive level. This path is one that I intend to continue laying the firm foundations and build continuously to ensure that every corner we come to will be as positive and interesting as is humanly possible.
Tears are cleansing.


At 12:23 pm, Blogger Lisa said...

Lovely Jord! I hope that it's still love for the one I know. It sounds really healthy and safe. I'm glad.

Lisa xx


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